Linear Intergrated Circuits

Linear Intergrated Circuits

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Circuit Configuration for Linear IcsCurrent sources, Analysis of difference amplifiers with active loads, supply and temperature independent biasing, Band gap references, Monolithic IC operational amplifiers, specifications, frequency compensation, slew rate and methods of improving slew rate.Applications of Operational AmplifiersLinear and Nonlinear Circuits using operational amplifiers and their analysis, Inverting and Non-inverting Amplifiers, Differentiator, Integrator, Voltage to current converter, Instrumentation amplifier, Sine wave Oscillator, Low-pass and band-pass filters, Comparator, Multivibrators and Schmitt trigger, Triangular wave generator, Precision rectifier, Log and Antilog amplifiers, Non-linear function generator.Analog Multiplier and PLL Analysis of four quadrant (Gilbert cell) and variable transconductance multipliers, Voltage controlled oscillator. Closed loop analysis of PLL, AM, PM and FSK modulators and demodulators, Frequency synthesizers, Compander Ics.Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog Converters Analog switches, High speed sample and hold circuits and sample and hold ICs, Types of D/A converter, Current driven DAC, Switches for DAC, A/D converter-Flash, Single slope, Dual slope, Successive approximation, Delta Sigma Modulation, Voltage to Time converters. Special Function Ics Astable and Monostable Multivibrators using 555 Timer, Voltage regulators-linear and switched mode types, Switched capacitor filter, Frequency to Voltage converters, Tuned amplifiers, Power amplifiers and Isolation amplifiers, Video amplifiers, Fiber optic ICs and Opto-couplers.Such 1Cs are highly reliable and make the circuit design very simple. The additional ... 7.2 Monolithic Timers 1C 555 The 1C 555 is the most versatile linear integrated circuit introduced by Signetics corporation in early 1970. This is aanbsp;...

Title:Linear Intergrated Circuits
Author:A.P.Godse U.A.Bakshi
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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