Listen to Your Kids

Listen to Your Kids

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Our schools are failing your kids. In Listen to Your Kids, author and veteran teacher Thomas Harvey explains the why and tells you what you can to do help solve this crisis. A personal account from the front lines of educationa€™s battlefielda€”the classrooma€”Listen to Your Kids provides a broad discussion of secondary education and invites parents, teachers, and administrators to open an honest and thought-provoking dialogue about educational reform. Harvey demonstrates how school reform should not be about money or testing but rather about nourishing each studenta€™s soul. Sharing powerful personal approaches to connecting with teenagers, he imparts simple strategies for transforming indifferent, angry, and struggling students into optimistic and successful young adults. Filled with anecdotes and letters from students, Listen to Your Kids presents a how-to manual for creating emotionally rich and respectful relationships that are powerful antidotes to the apathy felt by so many students toward school. It provides ample evidence to show that an emotionally healthy educational environment produces academically healthier kids.Fortunately for both of us, I had a pretty good grasp of grammar already. But I did learn a lot about essays from the conversation. Persuasive essays, descriptive essays, narrative essays: now I know the differences. I never have liked my writing.

Title:Listen to Your Kids
Author:Thomas Harvey
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-07-19


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