Literacy and Your Deaf Child

Literacy and Your Deaf Child

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Annotation. This incisive book provides parents with the means to ensure that their deaf or hard of hearing child becomes a proficient reader and writer. In nine chapters, parents will learn about the relationship of language to reading and writing, including the associated terminology, the challenges that deaf children face, and the role of schools. They'll also learn activities that they can engage in at home that will strengthen their children's reading and writing capabilities. Literacy and Your Deaf Child outlines how children acquire language and describes the auditory and visual links to literacy. With this information parents can make informed decisions regarding hearing aids, cochlear implants, speechreading, and sign communication to best enhance their child's language development. Parents will discover how to create environments at home and in their community for fostering their child's literacy, especially in school by learning how to work closely with their child's teachers. The book also refersthroughout, to the developmental link between American Sign Language and English literacy for children who use sign communication, making it the best guide available for all deaf children and their parents.These can be name brands, such as Sunbeam (toaster), Kenmore (washer and dryer), Crest (toothpaste), and Levia#39;s (pants); labels, such as Broil (oven), Repeat (remote control), and Ice (refrigerator); or simple instructions and information, anbsp;...

Title:Literacy and Your Deaf Child
Author:David Alan Stewart, Bryan R. Clarke
Publisher:Gallaudet University Press - 2003


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