Literacy in Action: Football

Literacy in Action: Football

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Get ready for kick off and prepare to meet all of your literacy goals with Literacy in Action: Football. All year 5 and particularly year 6 teachers know about the pressure to help children deliver levels of achievement laid down by higher authorities than themselves. Many of the reluctant writers are passionate about football. Literacy in Action: Football could be the answer to their and your prayers, offering expert, tried and trusted techniques for teaching literacy, developed within the context of the 'Beautiful Game'. For those not bitten by the football bug there are alternative options. Literacy in Action: Football is a fun and inspiring addition to your literacy teaching. This unique classroom resource contains twenty-four lesson plans, each structured like a football match. For an hour, transform your classroom into Wembley Stadium! Each detailed lesson plan includes: short, kinaesthetic, focussed tasks with instant feedback and praise speaking and listening exercises a€“ children engage in talking and collaborative work before completing a writing task key points from research in to boysa€™ writing in special notes for teachers alternative tasks available for those not interested in football differentiated material for a wide ability range. Literacy in Action: Football is written by Heather Butler, a writer, literacy consultant and story writing workshop leader. Literacy in Action: Football has been tested extensively by year 5 and year 6 teachers in leafy-green, inner city, multi-cultural and rural settings with amazing results. Why not try it for yourself?... to slow the poem down. Describe the football match and sharing presents. ... Part 4 a€“ Officers bark: Write inshort lines (likeat the beginning ofthe poem). The officersare telling ... Think about using a metaphor or simile. Part 2 a€“ Soldiers meetanbsp;...

Title:Literacy in Action: Football
Author:Heather Butler
Publisher:Routledge - 2010-06-10


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