Literacy + Math = Creative Connections in the Elementary Classroom

Literacy + Math = Creative Connections in the Elementary Classroom

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Like many teachers, you may feel like there never seem to be enough hours during the school day to teach your students everything they need to learn. Confronted with the ever-increasing pressure to ensure that you are meeting your curricular goals and your students are meeting standards, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the requirements that must be met during the school year. Fortunately, this innovative, groundbreaking text will help you creatively connect two of the most valued and tested content areas in our schools while working within the constraints of your already busy schedule. Gone are the curricular barriers that have long separated elementary math and literacy instruction! Literacy + Math demonstrates how standards from both areas can be simultaneously introduced, understood, and reinforced through engaging lessons. Connecting these content areas---and allowing children to see these connections---will make your instruction twice as likely to stick, foster students' real-world connections to their learning, and allow you to meet the common instructional goals shared by both areas. Chapters are filled with hands-on, math-focused activities organized around reading, writing, oral language, and visual literacy skills. Classroom samples from all grade levels K-6 are interspersed throughout the book to demonstrate students' abilities and learning. qWhere Do I Go From Here?q Sections are also included to help you apply your professional learning in your own classroom and beyond.By tying reading, writing, oral language communication, and visual literacy to mathematics, we reinforce the math skills that students must develop and also ... As is shown throughout this book, standards from both areas can be introduced, developed, and reinforced through engaging lessons. ... One such person is Carol Schyllander, whose sixtha€”grade classroom in the ... Judy Hagen, Kathy Triggs, and Alice Hambright make my job easier on a daily basis, so I have the time to write.

Title:Literacy + Math = Creative Connections in the Elementary Classroom
Author:Jennifer L. Altieri
Publisher:International Reading Assoc. - 2010-01-05


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