Literary Crossroads

Literary Crossroads

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This book explores the different ways women have been liberating themselves from the shackles of patriarchy and cultural laws that inhibit their independence and freedom to show that women are also contributing meaningfully to society. Women have worked to attain freedom through speaking out, writing memoirs, fiction, plays, poetry, and essays. The creative experiences of women are captured in this book, thus fulfilling the book's aim to give women voices to air their views and show that they are effectual members of society. The book examines the roles played by patriarchy, religion, and socioeconomic and political systems that keep women to the background. It also examines the issue of education, otherhood, marginalization, cultural imposition, and the diverse positions of women in local and international affairs. The book testifies that women's literature, and the stories of women all over the world, can be appreciated and viewed from different perspectives because of the diverse cultural environment in which women find themselves. This confirms that the issue of marginalization, suppression, and oppression of women are on-going problems in different societies around the world.Woman at Point Zero. London: Zed Books, 2003. Enns, Carolyn and Ada Sinacore. Teaching and Social Justice: Integrating Multicultural and Feminist Theories in the Classroom. Washington: American Psychological Association, 2005. Farahanbsp;...

Title:Literary Crossroads
Author:Blessing Diala-Ogamba, Elaine Sykes
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2014-11-06


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