Literary Research and British Postmodernism

Literary Research and British Postmodernism

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Literary Research and British Postmodernism is a guide for scholars that aims to connect the complex relationships between print and multimedia, technological advancements, and the influence of critical theory that converge in postwar British literature. This era is unique in that strict boundaries between fiction, nonfiction, multimedia and print are not useful. Postmodern literature is defined by the breaking down of boundaries as a reaction to modernism and requires an innovative, multifaceted approach to research. In this guide the authors explore these complex relationships and offer strategies for researching this new period of literature. This book takes a holistic approach to postmodern literature that recognizes the way in which digital media, film, critical theory, popular music and more traditional print sources are inextricably linked. Through this approach, the authors present a broad view of a€œpostmodernisma€ that includes a wide variety of British authors writing in the last half of the twentieth century. The booka€™s definition of a€œpostmoderna€ includes any British literature following World War II that engages issues central to postmodern theory, including the social construction of gender, sexuality, and power; the subjectivity of truth; technology as a social force; intertextuality; metafiction; post-colonial narrative; and fantasy. This guide aims to aid researchers of postwar British literature by defining best practices for scholars conducting research in a period so broadly varied in the way it defines literature.Major scientific disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology, ethnology, and zoology are explored. Most entries ... McGrawHill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. ... There are several indexes and many useful study guides. Guides anbsp;...

Title:Literary Research and British Postmodernism
Author:Bridgit McCafferty, Arianne Hartsell-Gundy
Publisher:Rowman & Littlefield - 2015-09-02


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