Live Better, Spend Less, and Save More

Live Better, Spend Less, and Save More

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Live Better, Spend Less, and Save More - Spending and Saving: How to Get Credit and Your Money to Work for You is about what works for real people in the real world. Too much of the financial advice available today is simply not workable for most people in the real world. I have included in this book what I have found works for people, and left out what I have found does not work for people. For example, you will not see a budget in this book. A budget is one of the most common items of financial advice. Use a budget you are told. The problem is most people cannot sustain the use of a budget for any length of time. In public speaking, I ask people how many of them use a budget. The number of people using a budget is small. Why? Because a budget is about limiting spending and most people do not like the limiting concept. Instead I have developed tools that are not based on limitation. My tools are focused on getting you what you want and less of what you do not want.Length of Credit History The average consumera#39;s oldest obligation is 14 years old , indicating that they have been managing credit for ... Evaluating Late Payment Behavior The credit score evaluates late payment behavior in several ways. First anbsp;...

Title:Live Better, Spend Less, and Save More
Author:William C. Haeberle
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-06-01


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