Live Fire

Live Fire

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The sixth book in the bestselling Dan 'Spider' Shepherd series. Mickey and Mark Moore are Ordinary Decent Criminals - hard men who live by their own code and leaders of a gang that has made millions at the point of a gun. But when Dan 'Spider' Shepherd is sent to infiltrate the tightly-knit team of bank robbers, he discovers that he has more in common with them then he first thought. And that perhaps being a career criminal isn't the worst thing in the world. As Shepherd and his Serious Organised Crime Agency colleagues plot the downfall of the Moore brothers, a more sinister threat stalks the streets of London. A group of home-grown Islamic fundamentalist fanatics embark on a campaign of terror the like of which Britain has never seen. Car bombs and beheadings are only the prelude of what they have planned. And Shepherd is the only man who can stop them.Car engines can be recyled pretty much, and the metal can be melted down and used again. ... Ia#39;m not saying electric cars arena#39;t the way to go, but right now the old-fashioned combustion engine is a hell of a lot more efficient than people give it ... If, God-forbid, youa#39;re ever in an accident I want you strapped into an SUV, not sitting in some battery-operated death trap. ... a#39;No worries.a#39; Liam took one of the video games out of the bag and began reading the cover. a#39;Liam, really, Ia#39;m sorry.

Title:Live Fire
Author:Stephen Leather
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2009-06-25


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