Living Sci. Bio. 7 (Col.Ed.)

Living Sci. Bio. 7 (Col.Ed.)

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The comprehensive text builds up a sound base for higher classes. The accurate diagrams, activities and experiments are aimed at developing a scientific temper. Exhaustive exercises are given to test knowledge, understanding and application of concepts learnt. Project work and a glossary of scientific terms are the other distinguishing features along with a Science Virtual Resource Centre on ureter, kidney, urinary bladder, lung, urethra 2. skin, heart, lung, liver, kidney H. Answer these questions. 1. How is the ... What happens to oxygen after it enters the lungs? 8. ... Draw a labelled diagram of the urinary system in human beings.

Title:Living Sci. Bio. 7 (Col.Ed.)
Author:Anita Paul
Publisher:Ratna Sagar -


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