Lobster Tales, Life Lessons, and Laughter

Lobster Tales, Life Lessons, and Laughter

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If you're looking for a book that'll entertain you (no matter how close you are to exceeding the limits of your medication), this is it. It's fun, and funny, and filled with crazy adventures. It's about a guy and his boat having way too much fun off the seacoast of New Hampshire and Maine. The guy's name is Dennis. The boat's name is Aislyn, and she is the place upon which magic becomes possible. The qcharactersq in these stories are real people who are really characters. Join Dennis and his family a friends as they do their worst to do their best. If you think that mistakes and bad decisions make for great stories, then you're in luck. Lobster Tales, Life Lessons, and Laughter is chunkin' full of them You will... learn pantloads about lobsters and lobstering. pick up some skinny on boat navigation, saltwater fishing, and nautical knot tying. gain a few choice recipes for the next time you decide to eat a few bugs. (lobsters) build an armory of snappy comebacks, New England style. enjoy more than a couple of interesting insights into human nature. acquire the scoop on some prime eateries, retailers, and services providers that the locals love to visit. have a ball looking at the pictures and using the QRC codes and web-links to visit most of the businesses a attractions mentioned, as well as nautical charts of the waters they played in. And that's only part of the fun. Scope out the Table of Contents and you'll see what we're talking about. Go on, do yourself a favor. Read this book. After all, it comes with the author's personal guarantee: qIf you don't laugh out loud at least five times while reading this book, I'll be go to hell.qqRick assisted and spent hours patching the 186 holes in the center console where stuff had been moved, removed, and replaced by ... The 125hp Mercury Force motor (circa 1985) that had carried us thru our first summer of sea trials had left us tied to the dock during the second. ... (yeah baby), plus a BRPTM Binnacle Mount Remote Control and the 35 gallon beast of a gas tank under the center console.

Title:Lobster Tales, Life Lessons, and Laughter
Author:Dennis M. (Pap) Dupuis
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2014-08-20


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