Locality in WH Quantification

Locality in WH Quantification

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Locality in WH Quantification argues that Logical Form, the level that mediates between syntax and semantics, is derived from S-structure by strictly local movement. The primary data for the claim of locality at LF is drawn from Hindi but English data is used in discussing the semantics of questions and relative clauses. The book takes a cross-linguistic perspective showing how the Hindi and English facts can be brought to bear on the theory of universal grammar. There are several phenomena generally thought to involve long-distance dependencies at LF, such as scope marking, long-distance list answers and correlatives. In this book they are handled by explicating novel types of local relationships that interrogative and relative clauses can enter. Amore articulated semantics is shown leading to a simpler syntax. Among other issues addressed is the switch from uniqueness/maximality effects in single WH constructions to list readings in multiple WH constructions. These effects are captured by adapting the treatment of WH expressions as quantifying over functions to the cases of multiple WH questions and correlatives. List readings due to functional dependencies are systematically distinguished from those that are based on plurality.Questions and Relative Clauses in Hindi Veneeta Dayal ... Letus see how listanswersto questions with plural definites can be analyzedfrom the perspective of(91). ... The summed version of the listanswer relates two plural terms j+b+h loves m+j+sbut as weknow from section 2, questions with a singularwh expressionanbsp;...

Title:Locality in WH Quantification
Author:Veneeta Dayal
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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