Love and Other Chemical Imbalances

Love and Other Chemical Imbalances

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David Carter hates the cheap, paper-thin, blue-green swath of inadequacy better known as his carpet; he is disappointed in what it says about him as a man. A disgruntled architect, frustrated husband, and debt-ridden homeowner, David is a man of many unfulfilled ambitionsa€”until he discovers a brilliant portrait hidden within the superstructure of his suburban home. While the portrait awakens David to a world of artistic potential, it also contains a cryptic message that encourages him to fanatically search his house for more art. But as he topples one wall of his house after the other, his life begins to fall apart around him. After his wife files for divorce and he is fired from his job, David realizes his mistakes have compounded into a self-destructive and colossal supernova. But he doesna€™t care; he is more determined than ever to unearth the final portrait and find the artist who prompted his life-changing transformation. Love and Other Chemical Imbalances is the compelling story of one mana€™s unpredictable journey as he obsessively attempts to create something extraordinary out of his ordinary life.Perhaps I can use this flash of inspiration to see me through my Cedar withdrawal. Saturday, june 23 My ... On second thought, I never should have sold my car. I rent another one. ... I find a way to plug my iPod into the stereo. I set it to random.

Title:Love and Other Chemical Imbalances
Author:Adam Clark
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-11


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