Love and Romance in the Bible

Love and Romance in the Bible

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This new project concentrates on the power of love and other passions that changed the world. As we consider the Bible as a historical document we cannot help but wonder about those personalities in the Bible who can take credit for creating a multitude of tribal orders and nations throughout the globe. Sarah and Abraham were the very first ancestors who discovered Monotheism and consequently gave birth to powerful nations who ended up populating nearly half of the peoplea€™s planet. One of the most populous nations on earth: Islam , was created as a result of Saraha€™s consent to have Abraham (her husband) consort with her maid: Hagar. Ishmael was born and he became the father of twelve powerful tribes. Love in The Bible speaks about how entire kingdoms were formed and other destroyed. It also emphasizes the power of seduction aimed at altering a destiny of a nation. Delilah sought to destroy Samson in order to guarantee the supremacy of the Philistines over the Israelites. Athaliah the mean destroyed her own children in order to maintain power. Jezebel managed to do away with over four hundred so called prophets in order to maintain her power over the land. Those women of power did evil while using their men. Delilah used Samson by seducing him and convincing him to disclose the secret of his power. Jezebel and Athaliah used their men kings in order establish their own kingdom. On the other hand, there were impressive female heroes. Deborah was a pure military strategist who saved a whole nation with her inspiration and positive attitude towards victory. Deborah was also a poetess and a highly praised judge who kept a nation in peace for forty years. Esther was a special queen who came to the rescue of the entire Jewish Persian minority because she was the preferred woman of King Xerxes. King Solomon in his a€œSong of Songsa€ described love and romance in a manner that can be duplicated in our modern era. His poetry is still read and appreciated in our times and it can be quoted repeatedly by true lovers of our century. Romance and the longing for love have never changed. Lovers can be imaginative and use silly ways to remain in love as they do today. However, love can take different turns as well. A true shocking story of love by accident is the story of Judah who became the father of Judaism. Could anyone imagine that Judah, the head of the tribe of Judah, a tribe that was almost extinct, suddenly became the ancestor of the most populous tribe of Israel? It happened at a time where Judah was almost childless. By accident, he encountered a woman named Tamar, who paused as a harlot. However, since Judah did not recognize her he became intimate with her. Tamar was actually Judaha€™s daughter in law. Since her two husbands (Judaha€™s sons) died- it was Judaha€™s duty to have Tamar marry the only surviving son. That never happened either. As Tamar used a special ruse to fool Judah, she conceived and she became the actual ancestress of Judaism, as we know it today. This intriguing (soap opera-like) story is described in details. What is more, she became the ancestor of Boaz and David, King of Israel. Both Jews and Christians claim Tamar as their ancestor, while Christians state that King David was twenty generations apart from Jesus. Love And Romance in The Bible depicts other passions such as incest and rape. The daughters of Lot who saw it necessary to a€˜revivea€™ seed from their own father because they were afraid of their generation becoming extinct committed incest. The Bible does not condemn nor condone this act. However, the curious outcome was that two nations evolved out of this incestuous act: Moab and Ammon. The Amnon and Tamar (daughter of David)a€™s story is a perfect example of an insecure man (son of David) who gets infatuated with his half sister (Tamar) and ends up abusing and humiliating her. In thePowerful Women, Love, Sex, Lust, Seduction, Courage, and Decency (Too) Asher Elkayam. 1 Kings 1:1-6, ... Nathan said [to the king], a#39;My Lord, the king, have you said that Adoniah will reign after you and that he will inherit the throne? He hadanbsp;...

Title:Love and Romance in the Bible
Author:Asher Elkayam
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-01-14


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