Love Triumphs!

Love Triumphs!

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Independent Gem, Gloria Elaine Mayweather, out of options landed on her ex-boyfrienda€™s and the father of her childa€™s door step. No money, no job and $26.79 to her name she was forced to appeal to Detective Jake Mallory of the Eagletown Police Force for temporary help. Detective Mallory, independent and decisive Jake, found himself in a quandary between love and duty. Past traumatic and painful events in his life had built barriers to close relationships he had not been able to overcome. His longtime love for Gem, that he had tried to bury, resurfaced bringing with it a stronger desire to possess her as his wife. A serial murderer, small riot, and supposed threat of werewolves in his jurisdiction greatly complicated Jakea€™s previously well-ordered life. The ability to make decisive and usually correct decisions when complicated by the desire to provide for and protect his new family threw everything into a tailspin.Maybe, we should hope for self service in the cosmetic aisle. That would be a fitting end to an unusual shopping day ... you can collect any time you like.a€ Pop assured her. Jake, returning to a€œKings Jewelersa€, greeted Otis, a€œGood morning, Otis.

Title:Love Triumphs!
Author:Myrna R. Caudill
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-02-05


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