Love & War Deluxe

Love & War Deluxe

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The deluxe eBook edition of Love a War includes over twenty five additional photos of James Carville and Mary Matalin over the course of their celebrated careers in politics, and at home with their family in Louisiana. Interspersed throughout the text are eleven exclusive videos of them expanding on the various topics discussed within the book, providing an exclusive glimpse into the dynamic between this fascinating couple. For twenty years, James Carville and Mary Matalin have held the mantle of the nationa€™s most politically opposed, ideologically mismatched, and intensely opinionated couple. In this follow-up to their groundbreaking Alla€™s Fair: Love, War, and Running for President, Carville and Matalin take a look at how theya€”and Americaa€”have changed in the last two decades. If nothing else, this new collaboration proves that after twenty years of marriage they can still manage to agree on a few things. Love a War traces, in their two distinct voices, James and Marya€™s story from the end of the 1992 presidential campaigna€”where he managed Bill Clintona€™s electoral triumph while she suffered defeat as George H. W. Busha€™s key strategista€”till now. Mary focuses on issues of family, faith, and foreign enemies and offers insights from her kitchen table as well as the White House Cabinet Room, while Jamesa€™s concentration is politics and lovea€”the triumphant and troubled Clinton era, George W. Busha€™s complicated presidency, the election of Barack Obama, the rise of the corrosive partisanship that dominates political life in Washington today, and the overriding abiding romance he holds for his native Louisiana and his wife and children. Together, the Carville-Matalins reflect on raising two daughters in the pressure cooker of the nationa€™s capital, and their momentous 2008 decision to leave D.C. and move their family to New Orleans. Post-Katrina, James and Marya€™s efforts to rebuild and promote that city have become a central part of their livesa€”and a poignant metaphor for moving the nation forward. A fascinating look at the last two decades in American politics and an intimate, quick-witted primer on grown-up relationships and values, Love a War provides unprecedented insight into one of our nationa€™s most intriguing and powerful couples. With their natural charm and sharp intelligence, Carville and Matalin have written undoubtedly the most spirited memoir of the year.Another thing: sheused to open thedoorsand windows, and put the airconditioner on wideopen. ... Becausethe air conditioner will pullthehot air in and overwork itself. ... We even did a series of commercials for Mitsubishi air conditioners.

Title:Love & War Deluxe
Author:James Carville, Mary Matalin
Publisher:Penguin - 2014-01-07


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