Lowcountry Mysteries (Boxed Set #1)

Lowcountry Mysteries (Boxed Set #1)

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This boxed set contains the first three books and novella in USAToday Bestselling Author Lyla Payne's Lowcountry Mysteries. When Graciela Harper returns to the small town of Heron Creek, SC, she's looking for a place to hide, drink, and lick old wounds. Instead, she stumbles across old friends, estranged family, a handsome mayor, and the occasional insistent ghost. NOT QUITE DEAD: When the ghost of swashbuckler Anne Bonny decides that pestering Gracie is how she wants to spend her undead time, Graciela is forced out of a lingering depression. In the real world, she navigates old friendships, cares for her ailing grandfather, and tries her best to shake Mayor Beaua€™s advances a€“ but when reality crashes into the ghostly past, it presents complications that affect not only Graciela, but her family, too. NOT QUITE COLD: If Gracie thought Anne Bonny was the first and last of her ghosts, she was sorely mistaken. The recently dead spirit of Glinda Davis, the towna€™s longtime hairdresser, insists that she was murdereda€band she needs Gracie to find out why. The search leads her into moonshining territory, threatens to upset her still-new relationship with Beau, and Gracie thinks shea€™s in over her head. NOT QUITE TRUE: With her boyfriend Beau in legal trouble, Gracie cana€™t sit by and do nothing. She starts an investigation of her own, which is interrupted by a famous Charleston ghost who wants her help to get closure of his own. That, combined with her cousin Ameliaa€™s own mental and legal issues, means Graciea€™s hands are all the way fulla€”even when theya€™re not tied behind her back. QUITE CURIOUS: The other residents of Heron Creek tell their sides of the story, and illuminate some lingering questions from the first three books.a€œFancy, a€ I comment. ... gets out his cell phone and pretends to make a call, shielding me while I use a credit card to let us inside the house. ... When we were kids that would have invited more harassment, at least in Heron Creek, but times have changed and so has the definition of harmless antics. ... I snoop around the second level, finding a music room, three guest rooms, and the master bedroom.

Title:Lowcountry Mysteries (Boxed Set #1)
Author:Lyla Payne
Publisher:Trisha Leigh Ziegenhorn - 2015-08-10


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