Lust To Kill

Lust To Kill

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Driven By Rage Sebastian Shaw was a walking time bomb. Office gossip, dirty dishes, the wrong look--anything could set him off. And once it did, nothing stopped the most terrifying killer Oregon police had ever met. . . A Need To Kill Only murder appeased Shaw's fury. But he didn't kill the people who offended him--they were the lucky ones. Instead, he hunted down innocent victims--men, women, teenage beauties--and unleashed his bloody urge to rape. . .to paint in blood. A Murderer's BoastWhen he was fired from Paragon Cable on July 2, 1991, he flewinto a rage and decided to kill someone. He knew ... Rudiger, Ferguson and Carpova, however, had all been tied up with telephone cords or stereo speaker wire before being assaulted. That had ... The prosecution is saying, a#39;Hey, this guy must be a monster!

Title:Lust To Kill
Author:Robert Scott
Publisher:Pinnacle Books - 2009-05-01


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