Mac OS X Leopard Portable Genius

Mac OS X Leopard Portable Genius

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Mac OS X Portable Genius is always at the ready for you with facts, tips, and secrets to give you the most from your favorite OS. This genius teaches you to customize your computer and workspace, troubleshoot and maintain Mac OS X, and just have fun. Browse and manipulate images and multimedia, listen to music and Podcasts, copy music to an iPod, add a printer, sync your Mac to other devices, and take control of Leopard to make it work for you. From the introduction: qSome of you may be rolling your eyes right now; all computers use the file and folder concept and some sort of colorful user interface, so there couldna€™t be that much difference between Mac OS X and its competitors, right? Wrong. I dona€™t just say this because of some blind devotion to all things Apple; Ia€™ve actually used different flavors of Windows and Linux for more than 13 years, right alongside my trusty Mac, so experience has been my teacher. If I have any devotion to Apple, there are plenty of good reasons why, the subject of this book being the first. Readers of this book who are already Mac users understand exactly what Ia€™m talking about. For those of you moving from other computing platforms, ita€™s my desire that by the end of this book you will have a whole new perspective on computing and see what it means to really have fun while working with your computer. In Mac OS X Leopard Portable Genius you can learn not just the basics, but the subtle nuances and little tips and tricks that make using your Mac that much easier. Ia€™ve covered the gamut, from printing files, surfing the Internet and using e-mail, to partitioning your hard drive, automating repetitive tasks, and using UNIX commands, with just a little bit of geeky humor thrown in for good measure. I hope this book will do justice to Mac OS X Leopard, which isna€™t just a computer operating system; ita€™s an art form.q... 8.4 PDF Preferences Preference Default document scale Respect screen DPI for scale Greeking threshold Anti-alias text and line art Open sidebar only for Table of Contents Remember last page viewed Use logical page numbers I Functionanbsp;...

Title:Mac OS X Leopard Portable Genius
Author:Dwight Spivey
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2008-09-25


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