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Battle to Uncover Eagle21a€™s Secrets Chief Inspector Hacker has seen it all in his 35 years as a detective for INTERPOL-but now he has a famous cold case that will try his very soul. Hackera€™s idea of technology is stuck in the 1980a€™s and he is unsure how to use todaya€™s devices. His foe quickly acts with devastating results. Faced with an adversary that is both cold and calculating, Hacker finds this killer will not stop at the slaughter hundreds of people to cover his tracks. Time is running out for Hacker and his team of specialista€™s, will they uncover the killer or become the next target? Intense and exciting twists wait for Hacker as he tries to uncover his nemesis.A blip appeared on the radar screen, nothing out of the ordinary; there were flights scheduled to enter the fly zone all through that day. ... aquot;Eagle21 is a C-40B Clipper, a military Boeing 737-700 out of Ramstein Airbase Germany. ... the autopilot by shutting off all avionics power, then turning on the system without turning on the Auto Pilot computer and regained manual control. ... The silence lingered and then Captain Casteel responded, aquot;Growler34 is about 200 clicks to the south, over.

Publisher:Richard Young - 2014-10-10


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