Magnesium Overcast

Magnesium Overcast

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The Convair B-36 qPeacemakerq was the ultimate statement of American air power at the beginning of the Cold War. An intriguing mix of proven World War II concepts and 1950s high-tech innovations, the aircraft would spark more controversy than any weapon system ever built until the ill-fated Star Wars system of the late 1980s. Extensive research at various archives around the country have uncovered new and previously unpublished details about the B-36 and its derivatives. Among these are the first-ever photos of the never-flown second prototype YB-60 all-jet version, details about Convair's flying-boat version of the XC-99 cargo aircraft, and technical information of the stillborn Variable Discharge Turbine B36C variant. Includes extensive photographic coverage of the devastating 1952 Texas tornado that severely damaged and grounded a good portion of the B-36 fleet. A detailed serial number list covers each airplane and its final disposition, and a chapter covers the efforts to reclaim and scrap the aircraft as they were taken out of service.... 1954, passim. 6. RB-36 Aircraft Weather Reconnaissance Manufacturing Plan, a€ Convair, 12 August 1954, passim; a€œPhase II ECM and Phase X ... SAC Manual 50 -35, Aircraft Performance Engineera#39;s Manual for B-36 Aircraft Engine Operation, 1953. 8. .... Provided by the DoE Nevada Test Site archives; Frank Perkins, a€œ Nightmare at Midnight, a€ Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 16 February 1997. 22. Letteranbsp;...

Title:Magnesium Overcast
Author:Dennis R. Jenkins
Publisher:Specialty Press - 2001-10-18


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