Magnetocumulative Generators

Magnetocumulative Generators

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This book discusses explosive pulsed power systems and their applications. It draws together in a single volume the current state of knowledge on the design, construction, testing, and application of magnetocumulative generators to produce high magnetic fields. It is intended for students and researchers in the fields of pulsed power, high power microwaves, high power lasers, railguns, lightning simulation, high-energy physics, and ultra-high magnetic field interaction with solids. The book begins with a thorough introduction to magnetocumulative generators, including the underlying theory of electromagnetic and shock waves and the explosives technology. It then turns to magnetic flux compression and a review of various basic and cascaded designs for magnetocumulative generators. The discussion of the ancillary components that ensure delivery of the output pulse to the load includes a description of novel switches, transformers, and transmission lines. The precise form these take depends on the characteristics of the load, and a subsequent chapter therefore discusses a number of possible loads and their effects. The discussion then focuses on an in-depth account of the design, construction, and testing of a particular helical generator developed at Loughborough University, including a description of the switches and conditioning circuits as well as the experimental techniques. The book concludes with a description of applications, in particular, as power souExamples include fuses, dense plasma focus devices, and superconducting switches. The latter use a ... plasma switches. Explosive switches use high explosives to break or open the electrical circuit by cutting a metal conductor with a dielectric knife blade. ... Schematic diagram of an explosive opening switch: 1 128 4.

Title:Magnetocumulative Generators
Author:Larry L. Altgilbers
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2000-01-14


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