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Mahima: A Memoir tells the story of an Indian-born woman and narrates firsthand the effects of religious and cultural norms, conventions and expectations. In this memoir, author Viera Masih relates Mahimaa€™s story providing insight into the narrowly prescribed cultural and religious norms of the society in which she was born. Her story captures the manner in which these norms and conventions led to her victimization. Born into a large family with six sisters and one brother, Mahima lived and studied in India for twenty-four years before traveling to the United States to pursue graduate school. Here she met and fell in love with Vivek, a Hindu boy, even though as a Christian girl, she was aware of the barriers that would make it difficult for the two of them to marry outside of their respective religious traditions. Forsaking love for tradition, Mahima accepted an arranged marriage to a man approved by her family. Even before she and Ateet were married, and then throughout their marriage she suffered abuse; however, she felt trapped as divorce was not a part of her familya€™s moral world-view. This memoir shares Mahimaa€™s emotions as she navigates through an arranged marriage dictated by societal traditions. Her story is one of pain and redemption, a tortuous journey from darkness to light.The English translation of the book Mahima is not literally verbatim from the Hindi , but a very close rendering of my ... Why do we human beings not understand the power of love? ... But we may answer these questions by asking a question.

Author:Viera Masih
Publisher:iUniverse - 2010-12-02


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