Making Fast Food

Making Fast Food

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The flourishing fast food industry represents one particular blueprint of how to live. Reiter analyses the profound consequences of this blueprint for many spheres of life: women's work, youth employment, the labour movement, the family, and the community. Since the 1970s young people and women have increasingly entered the job market in low waged, service-sector jobs. Family life, she explains, has changed dramatically in the last forty years as many activities that were traditionally part of the home have been replaced by services available in the marketplace. The production of meals and those who produce them have moved from the family kitchen to the highly regulated corporate workplace where workers are like the interchangeable parts of a machine.During the 1970s, the development of small microprocessor chips enabled electronic cash registers to be linked to an in-store computer ... A Point of Sale Management System links the various parts of the store together and daily relays sales information by modern from ... Q Cash reconciliation, which balances the accounts.

Title:Making Fast Food
Author:Ester Reiter
Publisher:McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP - 1991-09-03


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