Making Love with Scripture

Making Love with Scripture

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Nothing has been more contentious in the history of Christianity than the meaning of the Bible, and that debate continues today. Arguments over scripture have divided denominations, churches, and families, and these squabbles have led many to abandon the faith altogether. Jacob D. Myers, a rising young scholar, has a solution to the problem with scripture. The instability of the Biblea€™s meaning, he argues, is not a weakness but a strength, and it can benefit conservatives and liberals alike. In a conversational style peppered with pop culture references, Myers provides a variety of tools for readers of the Bible, helping the experienced and inexperienced alike appreciate the sacred text in new ways. Finally, he proposes the intriguing alternative of an a€œerotica€ interpretation, one that makes love with the Bible and opens new vistas of understanding.His most famous song is the 2004 hit, a€œ99 Problems, a€ arguably the most misunderstood song in his entire corpus. Jay Z writes in his ... At the same time, he was guilty; he did have a stash of cocaine hidden in the sunroof of his Nissan Maxima.

Title:Making Love with Scripture
Author:Jacob D. Myers
Publisher:Fortress Press - 2015-11-01


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