"Man-Up" Institute Guide

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The Man-Up (Motivating Attitudes that Nurture an Understanding of your Potential Institute Guide) consists of a curriculum guide focusing on strategies and activities to enhance life skills, college and career readiness, utilizing best practices that are responsive to the needs of diverse adolescent males. Each module includes research-based best practices about the topics addressed in the module and includes a suggestive PowerPoint presentation that can be utilized for implementation of the module content. The guide also includes an educator-and-parent section with resources to extend knowledge and skills participants learn beyond the institute module session. Each module delivery format is based upon an adaptive 5E model of teaching and learning (engage, explore, explain, extend, evaluate). The guide also includes a section with sample letters, forms, and templates that can be used to customize the program for your school or organization. The institute consists of six specific modules, an a€œintroductory session, a€ and a final a€œlaunching for successa€ session. Students will engage in reflective writing utilizing the a€œMan-Upa€ reflective journal (Purchased Separately) throughout the institute. The intent of the guide is to serve as life skills, career and college readiness, as well as a prevention-intervention program that supports the continuation of safe and drug-free schools in secondary campuses and career and college readiness preparedness focusing on, but not limited to, the following: a€”Increasing academic student performance a€”Increasing student attendance a€”Reducing student dropout rates a€”Understanding the impact of their culture within the school and community environment a€”Reducing school violence such as bullying, date violence, and gang violence a€”Building relational capacity between teacher and student and home and school a€”Improving self-advocacy, self-determination, and self-motivation a€”Increasing leadership and civic engagement The Man-Up Institute Guide is also aligned to the goals of National Initiative: My Brothera€™s Keeper. The Book covers the following: a€”Background Information a€”Introductory Session: Juntos for Umoja: The Commitment: Coming Together for Unity a€”Module 1: The Whole Me a€”Module 2: Aiming for Success a€”Module 3: The Healthy Mea€”a€œMind-Body-Soula€ a€”Module 4: Personal Safety Tools a€”Module 5: Leadership, Self-Management Responsibility, and Financial Literacy a€”Module 6: The Model Man: Social, Emotional, and Civic Skills a€”The Launch: Launch to Successa€”The Celebrationa€”A Family EventU.S.. CITIZENSHIP. TEST. ANSWERS. The questions and answers below were selected randomly from the official list of 100 questions for the study materials for the civics test. The 100 civics (history and government) questions and answersanbsp;...

Title:"Man-Up" Institute Guide
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2015-07-07


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