Man Walks Into A Bar

Man Walks Into A Bar

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Man Walks Into A Bar is a one-stop shop for anyone who likes to hear and tell jokes. The jokes are ordered thematically - wives, husbands, doctors, lawyers, the French, the Germans, jokes about nuns, jokes about monkeys, the lot. There are also regular panels which group jokes by type too - Essex girls, changing a lightbulb etc. Our material will turn you into the toast of your local pub or make you loathed in your own home - remember, it is all in the telling. From the sublimely erudite to stuff Frank Carson would turn down (the book has a 'world's worst jokes' section), this book can service you with every joke you'll ever need. What do you call an eskimo chav? Innuinnit What did the zen student say at the hamburger stand? Make me one with everything What's Irish and lives in the garden? Paddy O'FurnitureThe Ultimate Collection of Jokes and One-Liners Mike Haskins, Stephen Arnott. is mystrfied and. ... says the flshmongen a#39;Oh good.a€ says the man. a#39;lta#39;s his binhday. a#39; II A man is taking part In a pub QUIZ. ... The question master says. a#39;What do you anbsp;...

Title:Man Walks Into A Bar
Author:Mike Haskins, Stephen Arnott
Publisher:Random House - 2010-11-30


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