Management Matters ePub eBook

Management Matters ePub eBook

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How did Bill Clinton get his party to take him seriously again after the sex scandal story broke? Who was the manager behind Edmund Hillarya€™s ascent of Mount Everest? Why could taking a nap after lunch be your route to a more productive day? This engaging and entertaining book takes a fresh, honest approach and explores what ita€™s really like to be a manager. It addresses the kinds of issues managers face on a daily basis, from prioritising their time and balancing a team, to recruiting new staff and managing the numbers. Written by Philip Delves Broughton, FT journalist and bestselling author of What They Teach You at Harvard Business School, this book is jam packed with titillating case studies and anecdotes from the very best and worst managers, including everyone from Bill Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg to Alex Ferguson and Roger Federer. a€œfor most of us, our days are more like splat-the-rat, flailing at problems as they emerge, hoping that one good wallop does the trick, but fearing that nothing is ever well and truly solveda€ Management Matters, Philip Delves-BroughtonFor example, to install a right front seat in a Toyota Camry, for example, the work is broken down into a seven-step ... They dona#39;t fear that constant stopping and starting will gum up their production system, because the problem solving system anbsp;...

Title:Management Matters ePub eBook
Author:Philip Delves-Broughton
Publisher:Pearson UK - 2013-03-07


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