Management Methods from the Mafia

Management Methods from the Mafia

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Written by a former organized crime prosecutor, now a criminal justice professor, qManagement Methods From The Mafiaq is intended to inspire creative leadership alternatives by recounting the techniques employed by thirty notorious mobsters of the past. Intended primarily for future law enforcement administrators, its concepts are also applicable to other organizational fields where innovative management procedures are long overdue. What better vehicle to carry the message of creative and efficient organizational management than the study of the successful entrepreneurs of infamous national crime syndicates? a€œManagement Methods From The Mafiaa€ is an attempt to encourage exploration of these radical approaches to the organizational challenges facing government and industry in the twenty-first century. There may be three distinct types of readers that this book might appeal to: those interested in organizational management and leadership seeking new inspiration, those who find encouragement if the fact that something positive can be found even the deepest levels of evil in our societya€™s history, and finally, those who are merely fascinated with the lives of the most notorious gangsters of the Twentieth Century. The strategies and philosophies that the author has assigned to each of the characters in this book are based upon the conclusions that he has have drawn from their biographies and accomplishments in real life. He has attempted to represent both genders and numerous ethnic groups his selection. Perhaps readers will draw differing conclusions and find inspiration in areas which he has not anticipated from reading about the experiences of these historical villains.One 2001 Pontiac Aztek, 669 N.W.2d 893 (Minn. ... While the Minnesota Supreme Court since has rejected solely using the a€œinstrumentality or nexusa€ test, it has stated that the courts may still use the test in conjunction House Researchanbsp;...

Title:Management Methods from the Mafia
Author:Professor Giles W. Casaleggio
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-03-18


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