Management of Enterprise Crises in Japan

Management of Enterprise Crises in Japan

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This book focuses on various business practices to manage ailing companies during economic depression or in the aftermath of man-made and natural disasters. The methods implemented by various Japanese enterprises, such as Japan Air Line, Tokyo Electricity Company, Nissan and Toyota, to overcome their challenges are elaborated in this book. The scope of the book covers: restructuring under government financial support; private turnaround management of huge conglomerates; reorganization of business domains; accounting for risk management, and robust supply chain management in the aftermath of disasters. Contents:Business Turnaround under Public Financial Support:How Can All Stakeholders a€œShare the Burdena€ of Solving Damage Liability and Turnaround of Nuclear Power Electric Company? (Yasuhiro Monden and Masaaki Imabayashi)The Turnaround of Japan Airlines (Naoyuki Kaneda)Private Turnaround to Cope with the Business Crisis:The Choice that Samsung Electronics Made in the Monetary Crisis of 1997 (Hyeun Kyoung Song and Gunyung Lee)Activities of Cross-Functional Teams (CFTs) in Nissan: Considering from Revitalization Activities and Their Results (Kazuki Hamada)Overcoming the Business Crisis by Applying Capital Cost Management: Case Study of the Panasonic Group (Shufuku Hiraoka)Coping with Business Crisis Applying the New Managerial Accounting:Basic Theory of Management for the Business Crisis (Akira Miyama)Profit Management Model to Overcome the Enterprise Crisis (Noriyuki Imai)Supply-Chain Management after the Disasters and TPS after Business Crisis:Robust Supply-Chain Management for the Disasters: Based on the Product Design Architectures (Yasuhiro Monden and Rolf G Larsson)Management of Humanitarian Supply Chains in Times of Disaster (Yoshiteru Minagawa)Creation and Continuous Development of the Toyota Production System for Solving Current and Potential Business Crises (Shino Hiiragi) Readership: Graduate and undergraduate students, academic researchers and doctoral researchers, managers of companies, general public interested in Japanese-style management success stories, practitioners in business enterprises. Keywords:Business Crisis;Enterprise Crisis;Turnaround Management;Reorganization of BusinessKey Features:This book is the only one that provides an in-depth description of challenges faced by the companies in Japan that were affected by the damages to the nuclear power plants and the subsequent restoration of the electricity power company involved in the accidentIt also describes how a robust supply chain was constructed in order to continue production in the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunamiThe book provides a case-study like method to touch upon the implementation of various successful business practices that enabled the successful turnaround of ailing Japanese enterprisesThe workers burned 150, 000 electronic items such as mobile phones, key- phones, wireless telephones, and fax machines, which were ... Instead of pursuing absolute quality like the Japanese companies, Samsung Electronics aimed for relative quality, ... This philosophy can be seen in the companya#39;s approach to repairs.

Title:Management of Enterprise Crises in Japan
Author:Yasuhiro Monden
Publisher:World Scientific - 2013-09-18


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