Management Pyramid

Management Pyramid

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Management Pyramid: Principles and Applications, second edition is based on my principle of thoughts about business administration and/or management which has become a predominant practice in our every day life, and could be look at in many ways - managing oneself to exist economically, managing in a family circle, managing in the community, managing in a school setting and in that of business administration. This text is therefore enhanced to educate students in colleges and universities of business studies, including professional businessmen and women whose primary objectives are to study business management in its fullest extent. A study of management administration should go beyond what happens to other disciplines and consider the institutional arrangements which manages the way man lives, the family, the community, and the larger society with their complex interrelationships. Because the problems of these arrangements are much too varied to be understood from any single standpoint, hence there are number of different fields like, economics, business administration, social science, marketing to mention but a few. It is in fact, the quest for management of people and the industry that I decided to undertake the research to write this book. Management Pyramid: Principles and Applications is a researched text solely designed for today's successful executives to lead the way to dramatically increase their values to their companies and to increase their personal standing and self-worth. It is to direct the resources and the efforts of the business through the manager's performance toward opportunities for economically significant results. The book addresses the concerns of the application of scientific approaches to improve management performance. Management is along with other behavioral sciences, a fundamental approach that subjects an individual or managers to be aware of how to deal with group of people and/or society. Management is no longer a new field of study. Today, such terms as cost/benefit analysis, simulation systems optimization, modeling, and data base management are the standard vocabulary. Management Pyramid: Principles and Applications seek to develop the facts and theories in an orderly fashion so as to provide a general understanding in management administration. I believe that the foundation of our economy is growth. Therefore, this book reveals innovative strategies you can use to get out in front of the new trends, new markets and new avenues of self-development and human resources management. It will enable you to decide on the changes you will be making in the years ahead, and it explains why you should think of profits as a means of growth, and not vice-versa. It clearly indicates how managers make things happen in organizations. Finally, I have structured the second edition to be more understanding by summarizing each chapter, as well as providing the references available at the end of the chapter which superimposes the context of the first edition. This is in order to enhance my student's reading comprehension and understanding. Geoffrey O. Wuzor, Ph.D.CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVING One of the areas to which many managers devote insufficient time is creative problem solving. ... For example, someone probably saw a clock and a radio, and, bingo, they got the idea for the clock radio .

Title:Management Pyramid
Author:Ph. D. Dr Geoffrey O. Wuzor
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2008-11-01


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