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Many people have experienced management at work with some exposed to Managerialism. Once Managerialism had transcended the simplicity of managing companies it mutated into an ideology infiltrating nearly every eventuality of human life. Delivering a comprehensive definition of Managerialism, this book traces Managerialism's origins from simple factory administration to its current form as full-blown ideology that has infected private lives, public and educational institutions, society, the art, the economy, and even democracy. Today thousands of managers have graduated from Managerialism's main training facilities, namely management schools. They are ready to spread Managerialism's one-dimensional, anti-democratic, and authoritarian ideology that everything and anything can be managed through a specific set of managerial knowledge found in management studies. But there are also challenges to Managerialism. There are images of what lies beyond Managerialism. These post-managerial images include a rejection of the human and environmental destructiveness of Managerialism. And there are ways to create human and sustainable post-managerial living conditions.Kanta#39;s Theory of apriori Knowledge, University Park: Pennsylvania State University Press; Deligiorgi, K. 2012. ... Adorno anda#39;A Writing ofthe Ruinsa#39;: Essayson Modern Aesthetics and AngloAmerican Literature andCulture, Albany: State UniversityofNew YorkPress. ... Corporate Visibility, CivilSociety Scrutiny, and Environmental Disclosure, Cambridge: Harvard Business School (http://www

Author:Thomas Klikauer
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2013-09-12


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