Managing Aviation Projects from Concept to Completion

Managing Aviation Projects from Concept to Completion

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Triant Flouris is a prominent academic and administrator in aviation management education; Dennis Lock has more than forty years experience in practising, lecturing and writing about project management. When these two experts combined their considerable talents to write their earlier book Aviation Project Management, it was little wonder that distinguished reviewers gave generous praise and acclaimed it as a welcome addition to what, until then, had been a neglected field. That first title was structured as an essential primer for managers and students. The authors have now written this more in-depth book for managers and students who need to study aviation project management in much greater detail, as well as critically connect project management within an aviation context to prudent business decision-making. Aviation project management is described in considerable detail throughout all stages of a lifecycle that begins when the project is only a vague concept and does not end until the project has been successfully completed, fully documented, and put into operational service. Aviation projects have commonly failed to deliver their expected outcomes on time and have greatly exceeded their intended budgets. Many of those failures would have been prevented if the project managers had adhered to the sound principles of project management, as described and demonstrated throughout this book.Differentsystems emerged in Europe andNorth America butallthese methods dependedonthe useof diagrams inwhich allthe identifiableproject tasksorexpected eventsare depictedas symbols arranged in a pattern that determines their practical chronological sequence. Whereas Gantt charts are ... Unlike Gantt charts, network diagramsdo not have to be drawn to any kind all significant project of timescale.

Title:Managing Aviation Projects from Concept to Completion
Author:Dr Triant G Flouris, Mr Dennis Lock
Publisher:Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. - 2012-10-01


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