Managing Salt Tolerance in Plants

Managing Salt Tolerance in Plants

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Salinity stress currently impacts more than 80 million hectares of land worldwide and more arable land is likely to be impacted in the future due to global climate changes. Managing Salt Tolerance in Plants: Molecular and Genomic Perspectives presents detailed molecular and genomic approaches for the development of crop plants tolerant to salinity stress. The book discusses salinity stress in plant adaptation and productivity, biochemical and molecular mechanisms responsible for plant salt tolerance, and genomic approaches for the development of plants tolerant to salinity stress. With chapters written by leading scientists involved in plant salinity stress research, this book brings together biochemical, physiological, and molecular techniques used to develop crop plants with increased salinity tolerance. The editors integrate the most recent findings about the key biological determinants of salinity stress tolerance with contemporary crop improvement approaches. They include emerging topics and cutting-edge knowledge related to salt stress responses and tolerance mechanisms and describe salinity stress in plants and its effects on plant growth and productivity. Time is of the essence for this issue, as global climate change will further exacerbate the problems of salt stress in the near future. With authoritative coverage of the key factors impacting the worlda€™s crop production, this book calls attention to primary genetic, physiological, and biochemical factors of plant salinity stress. It helps you develop conventional and biotechnological applications that can lead to enhanced crop productivity in stressful environments.Plant, Cell and Environment 26:595a€“601. Lu, C., N. Qiu, Q. Lu, B. Wang, and T. Kuang. 2002. Does salt stress lead to increased susceptibility of photosystem II to photo inhibition ... ASCE manuals and reports on engineering practice No, 71. ... Proline and proline metabolizing enzymes in in-vitro selected NaCl-tolerant Brassica juncea L. under salt stress. ... Mateo, A., P. Muhlenbock, C. Rusterucci, C.C. Chang, Z. Miszalski, B. Karpinska, J.E. Parker, P.M. Mullineaux, and S. Karpinski.

Title:Managing Salt Tolerance in Plants
Author:Shabir Hussain Wani, Mohammad Anwar Hossain
Publisher:CRC Press - 2015-09-18


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