Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny

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Tense, complex and fast-moving, Manifest Destiny: Fire on the Water is the story of a desperate battle to save a nation. When a cataclysmic Middle East nuclear war deprives the world of a third of its easily-accessible oil, prices pass $400 a barrel as a record-cold winter bears down on the Northern Hemisphere. US President Franklin Zimmer, desperate to avoid civilian panic and economic collapse, orders the invasion of Canada to secure the rich Northern Alberta oil sands for Americaa€™s exclusive use. Expecting a quick and easy victory over its northern neighbora€™s thinly-stretched military, the United States and much of the rest of the world are surprised as tenacious and overmatched Canadian air and naval forcesa€”led by an aging submarine with a troubled pasta€”take a toll on the invading US military. In Asia and Europe, countries choose sides, with the US flexing its economic muscle and Canada calling in debts from a century of international peacekeeping and foreign aid. The fate of two nations hangs in the balance as the world holds its breath.Initial tests showed that the technology allowed subs to operate for as long as two weeks without having to come to the surface for air. Another system, installed in the latest generations of German-manufactured subs, utilized hydrogen fuel cells that could silently run ... torpedo door and make the torpedo ready to fire in all aspects, a€ Captain Hollingswortha#39;s order was straight out of the command manual.

Title:Manifest Destiny
Author:Steve Krueger
Publisher:Abbott Press - 2012-09-24


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