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Meet ten-year-old Eric Jessing. He loves basketball, playing video games, and hogging the computer. Not to mention teasing his little brother, Kevin, whenever he can. But when their mirrors turn black and their house is eaten before their eyes, Eric and Kevin find there is no escape from the strange forces closing in around them. Now, the guys will have to face a forgotten graveyard in the middle of an English swamp, an ancient ghost with the power to destroy them both, and join a secret war fought by mysterious kids with paranormal powers. All before this week's homework is due.Halfway through dinner, their telephone rang. Oompa moved his chair to prepare to get upa€”he still had a mouth full of food. a€œOh sit down Henry, a€ Ooma said, frowning. a€œLet the machine get it.a€ He promptly sat back down. When the answeringanbsp;...

Author:D. C. Wilson
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-06-01


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