Mano a Mano--Quote, Unquote

Mano a Mano--Quote, Unquote

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Mano a Mano is a satirical story based on historical events in Zimbabwe, when Robert Gabriel Mugabe transformed himself from the much-loved Prime Minister to a controversial, polarizing figure. Millions of people have left Zimbabwe due to horrific economic times and widespread starvation. The villagers of Maze Wibb who remain behind have no choice but to rely on themselves in their fight for real independence-and soon discover that a good beginning does not guarantee a happy ending. Through sweat and blood, they build a school, hoping to secure a bright future for their children, but it soon becomes clear that the headmaster has other ideas. The book is divided into two parts: the first is a fictionalized account of true events, encompassing comprehensive descriptions of the narrator's life, his country, and his people; The second part weaves a variety of stories into one, creating a dialogue that provides an introspective look into the ways and customs of a culture across the world. This insightful novel is not just about an African country but about the strong and beautiful people who live within its borders and struggle to survive despite the appalling and dangerous conditions that surround them each day.a€œWhen work began, the villagers were assigned minor roles that required more manual labor and less mental work. The assumption ... Nothing! They were just an illiterate bunch and a lot was going to -190~191 Mano a Manoa€”Quote, Unquote.

Title:Mano a Mano--Quote, Unquote
Author:Dave Save
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-03


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