Manson, Sinatra and Me: A Hollywood Party Girl's Memoir and How She Helped Vincent Bugliosi with the Helter Skelter Case

Manson, Sinatra and Me: A Hollywood Party Girl's Memoir and How She Helped Vincent Bugliosi with the Helter Skelter Case

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Manson, Sinatra and Me is a Hollywood party girla€™s memoir that details her encounters with former Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, foreign dignitaries, celebrities, sports stars, businessmen - you name it - including the likes of Frank Sinatra and other members of the Rat Pack. The average man or woman may not have heard of Virginia Graham, but everybody in the know was aware of what her game was as a key player in the Hollywood Screw System. When Virginia found herself in trouble with the law, she ended up in jail. Yet somehow she continued to meet interesting people - like Susan Atkins, her cellmate, who confessed to Virginia about how she had butchered Sharon Tate and her unborn child. Atkins also told how she and her friends, all members of the Manson Family, were involved in what has become known as the Tate/LaBianca murders. Virginia reveals the true story behind Susan Atkinsa€™ prison confession about the Manson Murders, what led to her becoming a key witness for District Attorney Vincent Bugliosi in the Helter Skelter case, and why she went into hiding after the trial ended. Virginiaa€™s testimony helped save the lives of many Hollywood celebrities, and she received recognition from Elizabeth Taylor for doing so. Praise received for Manson, Sinatra and Me a€œVirginia Graham had a heck of a run in her life as a party girl, and has told of her rollicking story very well in this poignant and sometimes very funny memoir of hers. She also happened to be a star witness of mine in helping me bring the Manson Family killers to justice, something for which I will always be very grateful to her.a€ - Vincent Bugliosi, bestselling author of Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders a€œVirginia Grahama€™s personal tell-all as a party girl is a page-turner from beginning to end. Her writing, breezy, humorously and sometimes harrowingly candid, proves her to be an honest chronicler of her own life and times... and what times these were! Her landing in jail, which brings us to what was then the Crime of the Century, comes as a wallop. This book is a winner.a€ - Jack Engelhard, bestselling novelist of Indecent Proposal and The Bathsheba Deadline a€œA riveting read, with the best sex tales youa€™ve never heard about classic Hollywood celebrities like Frank Sinatra and notorious gangsters like Mickey Cohen. Virginia Grahama€™s fateful meeting with Susan Atkins turned her into a national hero for breaking the case against the Manson Family. This book is an important work of true crime and a thrilling peek into Hollywood behind closed doors.a€ - Dr. Gloria Brame, sex therapist, blogger and bestselling author of Different Loving and The Truth About Sex a€œWhether Virginia Graham writes of her time behind bars or of living the high life as a party girl, every word reads as the truth. I admire this writer because every word, every phase is an education in pushing through any difficulties in life. She is a survivor. This is a memoir that stays with the reader, and is by far one of the best memoirs I have read in a very long time.a€ - Jasmine Kinnear, author of Every Cat Has A StoryVirginia Graham Hal Jacques. wish we ... that house. So that was the end of Walter. * * * Once in a while collecting without putting out is so easy ita#39;s embarrassing. ... I said I wanted to try interior decorating, but the schools were so expensive.

Title:Manson, Sinatra and Me: A Hollywood Party Girl's Memoir and How She Helped Vincent Bugliosi with the Helter Skelter Case
Author:Virginia Graham
Publisher:CCB Publishing - 2015-05-27


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