Manual on Experimental Methods for Mechanical Testing of Composites

Manual on Experimental Methods for Mechanical Testing of Composites

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References Liquid-metal strain gages can be fabricated in either single- or delta-rosette configurations. Their main advantages are their low stiffness (essential for 1. Beatty, M.F. and Chewning, S. W., qNumerical Analysis of the Reinforcement Effect of a Strain Gage Applied to a Soft use on composites with soft, elastomeric matrices) Material, q Int. J. Eng. Sci., 17, 907-915 (1979). and high elongation (at least 50 percent). Their prin 2. Pugin, V.A., qElectrical Strain Gauges for Measuring Large cipal disadvantages are a short shelf life and a Deformations, q Soviet Rubber Industry, 19 (1), 23-26 (1960). nonlinear calibration curve. 3. Janssen, M.L. and Walter, J.D., qRubber Strain Measurements in Bias, Belted Bias and Radial Ply Tires, q J. Coated Fibrous Mat., 1, 102-117 (1971). 4. Patel, H.P., Turner, J.L., and Walter, J.D., qRadial Tire Cord-Rubber Composite, q Rubber Chem. and Tech., 49, Acknowledgments 1095-1110 (1976). 5. Stone, J.E., Madsen, N.H., Milton, J.L., Swinson, W.F., and Turner, J.L., qDevelopments in the Design and Use of Liquid-Metal Strain Gages, q EXPERIMENTAL MECHANICS, 23, The author acknowledges helpful suggestions by 129-139 (1983). Dr. Joseph D. Walter of Firestone Central Research 6. Whitney, R.J., qThe Measurement of Volume Changes in Human Limbs, q J. Physiology, 121, 1-27 (1953).Aspects of the procedure not detailed in the SPATE operatora#39;s manual will be emphasized presently. The manual ... In most instances, a sinusoidal load with a maximum of 30-40% of the specimena#39;s tensile strength and a load ratio (min/max) of 0.1 is appropriate. Fig. ... 23 1 O t * * T T T-T 0 5 10 1s 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 LORD FREQUENCY (HZ) LEGEND : 8LUMINUM. 29.2 MPR [...] A (0)8T GR/EP.

Title:Manual on Experimental Methods for Mechanical Testing of Composites
Author:R. Pendleton, M. Tuttle
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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