Manual on the Millennium

Manual on the Millennium

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qManual on the Millenniumq is an examination of the viewpoints concerning the nature of the millennium and how they relate to the associated end-time events. The author argues for his own personal viewpoint, as well as with the problems inherent in interpreting those events that are so popular with the dispensational pre-millennialist views. He provides a fresh examination of such subjects as the postponed kingdom, the restoration of Israel, rebuilding the temple, the Battle of Armageddon, the Antichrist, and the seventy weeks of Daniel. The author maintains that the arbitrary interpretation of the millennium of Revelation as a literal period of a thousand years as a whole does not fit the judgment teachings of the New Testament or the complete message of the return of Christ, in context with the rest of the Scriptures. The proper interpretation of the nature of the millennium is foundational to understanding the prophetic message of the New Testament. This work is designed to be a valuable resource and handbook for the study of end-time events for the serious Bible student.Saul pleaded with his armor bearer to kill him with the sword, but the loyal servant refused. As the Philistines rushed forward Saul set his sword toward the sky and fell on it. (I Samuel 31) Here Josiah went into battle against Neco, King of Egyptanbsp;...

Title:Manual on the Millennium
Author:Dr. Roger W. Maslin
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2014-08-18


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