Manufacturing Otherness

Manufacturing Otherness

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The discovery of the New World offered European civilisation the chance to generate a process of circulation of its own cultural values a€“ the a€œspiritual conquesta€ a€“ that has no comparable precedents. The missionary orders played an important role during this a€œWesternisation of the world, a€ not only as key players in the spread of Christian values, but also as mediators between different worlds. Indeed, missionary practices imposed the dominating culturea€™s values and institutions on the vanquished peoples. At the same time, they also promoted the circulation of new knowledge and the negotiation between different cultures during the age of a global integration of space. This book looks at the vast field of study concerning the history of missions from a specific viewpoint. Firstly, it focuses on a€œlocala€ processes, singling out specific case studies to be used for a general reflection. On the other hand, it refocuses the attention on the Indigenous cultures a€“ which the missionaries helped to bring to light in the field of Western history a€“ showing how they succeeded in entering the areas of negotiation created by missionaries, and in producing their own cultural subjectivity.Conquista espiritual. Madrid 1639, accessed October 2012: http://biblio.wdfiles. com/local--files/montoya-1639conquista/montoya_1639_conquista_Mindlin.pdf Moreno Jeria, Rodrigo. Misiones en ... Perusset, Macarena and Rosso, Cintia N. a€œ Guerra, canibalismo y venganza colonial: los casos MocovAs y GuaranAs.a€ Memoria anbsp;...

Title:Manufacturing Otherness
Author:Sergio Botta
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2014-01-14


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