Many-Body Atomic Physics

Many-Body Atomic Physics

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This introduction to the field of many-body atomic physics is suitable for researchers and graduate students. Drawing from three major subject areas, atomic structure, atomic photoionization, and electron-atom collisions, this book begins with an introduction to many-body diagrams, and continues with several chapters devoted to each subject area written by leading theorists in that field. Topics in atomic structure include the relativistic theory for highly charged atomic ions and calculations of parity nonconservation. Topics in atomic photoionization include single and double photoionization processes, and photoelectron angular distributions. Topics in electron-atom collisions include the theory of electron impact ionization, perturbation series methods, target dependence of the triply differential cross section, Thomas processes, R-matrix theory, close coupling, and distorted-wave theory. This coherent and carefully edited volume has been prepared by leading atomic physicists as a tribute to Hugh Kelly, one of the pioneers of many-body theory.The e+a€”atornic electron interaction (diagram (8.12a) and similar diagrams) leads to virtual positronium formation in the ... energy, close to that of the projectile, gEE/ = (Ei | V | kn)(kn | V | Ea#39;i) E CEC[ , and E12) is the non-singular part of E12).

Title:Many-Body Atomic Physics
Author:J. J. Boyle, M. S. Pindzola
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 2005-11-03


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