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qMapmaker expertly brings the paranoid thriller into the age of surveillance, and the result is both moving and chilling.q a€”D.B. Weiss, co-creator, writer, and producer of Game of Thrones When Tanya Barrett takes an internship at MapOut, she expects emotional landmines. Her father cofounded the digital mapping company, and he died for ita€”on a cartographic expedition he didna€™t even need to take. Her fathera€™s business partner and his son, Connor, welcome her to the job with open arms. And being with Connor, an old childhood friend, turns out to be the only thing that makes Tanya feel normal again. Soon shea€™s spending every moment she can with Connor. But when they sneak into her fathera€™s old office late one night, they stumble across a deadly secret. The next day Connor disappears. Tanya isna€™t just bereft; shea€™s terrified. Ita€™s clear that people at MapOut are willing to kill for what she and Connor discovered. Alone againa€”and on the runa€”Tanya must rely on her wits to find out what happened to him and stay a step ahead of MapOut. But in the world they envision, no one stays lost for long.The next voice mail was from an 802 number I didna#39;t recognize right away. ... teaching arts and crafts in the rec halla€”where the air smelled of citronella bug spray and sun block, and the floor was always damp from the kids trekking in with wet bathing suits from the lake. ... I would call Blaney as soon as I figured out why the hell Connor hadna#39;t shown up today ... Maybe he just wasna#39;t texting me back.

Author:Mark Bomback, Galaxy Craze
Publisher:Soho Press - 2015-04-14


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