Maragold in Sixth

Maragold in Sixth

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The adventure continues as the Maragold group starts sixth grade with Mr. Bunnlow, who was transferred from fourth grade to sixth grade. When an over-weight boy joins the class, Maragold and her friends help him to be accepted, to gain self-confidence and to feel a part of the classroom, instead of feeling isolated and lonely. The Maragold group also expands to include two new members who add to the comical school adventures. Furthermore, sixth grade brings romantic interests to this group of close friends, along with comical situations and conversations. Once again these friends have trouble with Harvey, Dan and Lee. How the group out-thinks these bullies will be a pleasant surprise. The Sadie Hawkins dance, the April Fool's Day pranks and the annual talent show will have you laughing and asking for more. And you get more! The jokes, the word-play and the funny stories will delight you. Bert, Maragold's magical leprechaun friend, finds out that he and Maragold share much more than friendship. Their ancestors share something in common, too. Bert's life also takes an unexpected direction that is both sad, happy and very emotional for him and Maragold.Mr. B. walked to his desk to get his teachera#39;s manual, saying, a€œPlease take out your math book.a€ agt;lalt; agt;lalt; * * At lunch time Eric mentioned the fun he had listening to car tunesa€”music on the car radioa€”then swayed his head, shoulders and arms anbsp;...

Title:Maragold in Sixth
Author:Bill Sheehan
Publisher:iUniverse - 2007-08


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