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The young man steps on the cinders and flies around the track. Hea€™s unaware that one has to learn how to fall before he can fly. And when he tumbles, anger enters his life and his journey begins. Ita€™s all about speed. The Kid is fast, so very, very fast. And anger is his motivation. She says that love is the answer. Coaches and friends agree, and help him to fulfill his enormous talent. But love becomes secondary to the anger that takes control of his spirit both on and off the track. And hate is its inseparable companion. The runner is all alone. And in his time of despair only love stays by his side for support. The question is. Can love defeat anger, hate, despair, intolerable pain and The Other. Maybe. For he is the one who is born to run.Dom. I agree Poppa.a€”This is huge Rich. But the advantage lies in its simplicity. What do you think? Is it doable? Richard. Yeaha€”the ... Richard. Hey, whoa#39;s behind this Dom. And how do they keep it quiet for so long? Thata#39;s the most difficult thing. Dom. ... Dom. Wella€”Max and Luc almost whack it Richa€”welcome to the Newlympics. a#39;Oh Max and Luc, a#39; says Momma, a#39;ita#39;s so difficult for little ones to enunciate.

Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2013-11-08


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