Mars 12: Destination Mars

Mars 12: Destination Mars

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The first teenage adventure to Mars! Mars 12: Destination Mars is the first teenage hard science fiction novel written by a Malaysian teenager. If you are a teenager who loves fantasizing about space travel, or a working adult craving for an escape to Mars, this realistic account is a must-read! 400 pages of exciting, educational entertainment! Special illustrations included! No fancy technology. No magic. No geniuses. Just teenagers like you and me. Bent on revenge and eager to realize his childhood dream, eccentric billionaire James Billion decides to organize the most ridiculous space mission ever. Under his firm's supervision and funding, twelve selected teenagers will design and build spacecrafts capable of reaching Mars and returning safely with current technology only. Follow Hendrick and his friends into the underground research lab! Blast off in their self-designed spacecraft! Tour the Martian landscape with their Martian Spider! Mars 12: Destination Mars- when dreams become reality, the sky is not the limit!Eagerly, we piled into the shuttle bus and returned to Headquarters for the Welcoming Banquet. The Banquet Hall was grander than it was before. After the fire, the Banquet Hall was renovated and refurbished. Walking from the VIP quarters toanbsp;...

Title:Mars 12: Destination Mars
Author:Ng Zhan Ming
Publisher:Ng Zhan Ming - 2011-08-27


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