Martian Time-Slip

Martian Time-Slip

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Mars is a desolate world. Largely forgotten by Earth, the planet remains helpless in the stranglehold of Arnie Kott, who as boss of the plumbers' union has a monopoly over the vital water supply. Arnie Kott is obsessed by the past; the native Bleekmen, poverty-stricken wanderers, can see into the future; while to Manfred, an autistic boy, time apparently stops. When one of the colonists, Norbert Steiner, commits suicide, the repercussions are startling and bizarre.... the repair business, operating likeexclusive guilds, such as theYee Company, for whom Steinera#39;s neighbour, Jack Bohlen, worked. Otto had ... It was humiliating forhim, but at least hewasnot doing manuallabour onone ofthecoloniesa#39; work gangs, out under the sun ... Theya#39;re not lazy. ... Physically, he wasa large healthy blondhaired boy, and for the first year or so the Steiners had rejoiced in having him.

Title:Martian Time-Slip
Author:Philip K. Dick
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-03-24


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