Marxism in Dark Times

Marxism in Dark Times

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Offering an alternative exploration of the subject, a€˜Marxism in Dark Timesa€™ anchors its investigation of Marxism in the conceptual spheres of humanism, democracy and pluralism. Its essays question the stereotyped, positivist notion of the theory as practised by the exponents of official Marxism, highlight the legacy of the suppressed voices in the Marxist tradition, and provide new insights into reading Marxism in the twenty-first centurya€”affording new perspectives on Antonio Gramsci, Rosa Luxemburg, Nikolai Bukharin, David Ryazanov and the Frankfurt School. They seek to review the phenomenon of a€˜Perestroika, a€™ explore the new historiography on Comintern, and examine the relation between Marxism and postmodernism. With its wide-ranging provision of materialsa€”some translated here into English from German and Russian for the first timea€”this collection offers a pioneering English assessment of some of the most debatable issues in contemporary Marxism.I This essay tries to address one central question that Marxism in the twentyfirst century is trying to confront. This centres around one possible weakness of Marxist theory, namely, the vision of socialism as an alternative to capitalism.

Title:Marxism in Dark Times
Author:Sobhanlal Datta Gupta
Publisher:Anthem Press - 2013-10-15


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