Mastering Flash With Fujifilm X Cameras

Mastering Flash With Fujifilm X Cameras

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Master Fuji flash with confidence! If you are in any way uncertain about using flash with Fujifilm cameras, then this book will make it simple for you. Ita€™s Advanced Lighting 101 for Fujifilm a€“ including making manual flash a breeze. This book is for ALL Fujifilm a€œXa€ camera owners who want to improve their use of flash a€“ both on and off the camera. The tools and techniques discussed apply equally to shooting snapshots, weddings, portraits, travel a€“ in fact any photography where changing the quality of light gets you the desired outcome. And you can try it risk-free - read on for details!Just as you must manage or compensate ambient light exposure via either manual exposure mode, or exposure compensation adjustments, the same is true when using flash. This chapter examines flash exposure, concentrating on TTL flashanbsp;...

Title:Mastering Flash With Fujifilm X Cameras
Author:Tony Phillips
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-11-25


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