Mathematical Tools for Physicists

Mathematical Tools for Physicists

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The new edition is significantly updated and expanded. This unique collection of review articles, ranging from fundamental concepts up to latest applications, contains individual contributions written by renowned experts in the relevant fields. Much attention is paid to ensuring fast access to the information, with each carefully reviewed article featuring cross-referencing, references to the most relevant publications in the field, and suggestions for further reading, both introductory as well as more specialized. While the chapters on group theory, integral transforms, Monte Carlo methods, numerical analysis, perturbation theory, and special functions are thoroughly rewritten, completely new content includes sections on commutative algebra, computational algebraic topology, differential geometry, dynamical systems, functional analysis, graph and network theory, PDEs of mathematical physics, probability theory, stochastic differential equations, and variational methods.We consider the case of polynomials in x and y, regarding x as the main variable: the generalization to more variables is easy. There is one ... The answer is that we can find this efficiently, and the idea is similar to the previous one: we replace a€œworking modulo pa€ with a€œevaluating y at v.a€ Just as we ... In particular, if Ay=v and By=v have no common factor, the gcd of A andBcannot depend on x. Analogous anbsp;...

Title:Mathematical Tools for Physicists
Author:Michael Grinfeld
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-01-12


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